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Defending Norway from The Guardian

Norwegians should know better than anyone else not to feed the trolls. But it is hard to turn the other cheek when they jump above the line – not only to opinion pieces, but to the “news” section in the … Continue reading

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One Shop Town

My Mum recently moved to a tiny village near the sea. This village is so small it has no name. In fact, the village is so small it only has one shop and that shop is just called “Shop”. Not … Continue reading

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BBC Coverage of the British Barrister Strike: Shambolic or Servantile?

Today the BBC news twice regurgitated obviously disingenuous government statistics on the criminal barristers strike without comment or context. Moreover, upon inspection these “mistakes” seem difficult to reconcile with either neutrality or journalistic integrity. “The government says that at around … Continue reading

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