This is where you find out nothing

Hosni Mubarak looking at me floating over a cornfield.(Courtesy of Denis Laner

To be honest, I have no idea what Love in the Time of Facebook is meant to be about any more. Norway, politics and absurdity in general these days I guess.  Google doesn’t see it that way though judging by the weird search terms that have people led to my blog. Some selected highlights:

68 people looking for Tom Sellec,
15 for “cathedrals”,
8 “Norway fuck”
6 ” is Tom Selec tall?”
5 “is Tom Selec gay?”
4 “Ken Monkou”,
3 “Kim Jung Il pizza”,
2 for “toothbrush, propaganda technique (perhaps the same person that searched “toothbrush up vagina”
2 “eve pvp shit shit shit”
1 “creaking trampoline”
1 “Can you use a toothbrush for anal fingering?”
1 “Marcus Stewart and the chairman’s wife”
1 “cunts donkeys”
1 “why did morway get lightbulbs?”
1 “Norwegian women fucking on boats”
1 Danger wank gone wrong
1 Fucking Scandinavian women
1 “Tom Selec smoking a cigar”

And my favourite 1 “come inside catholic polish girlfriend tits”

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3 Responses to This is where you find out nothing

  1. Luciana says:

    Boludo is spelled with one L.

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