In the press

Old media is notoriously slow to pick up on talent. That must be why I haven’t got a book deal yet.

Nonetheless, Aftenposten, Norway’s biggest selling “serious” newspaper have translated and published three Love in the Time of Facebook originals. Minus the jokes of course; they don’t have their serious reputation for nothing. Skal Vi Ta Noen Brus concerns the little discussed social problems of sobriety,  published in English here as The Perils of Giving up Alcohol. Aftenposten also published Tre Myter om Norge, my propaganda piece on why it is not only perfectly logical to move to Norway, but crazy not to. It was first published as  Why The Fuck Did You Move to Norway and  has more than 7,000 shares on Facebook. Meanwhile, Saving SV from Itself argued Norway’s socialist working party leadership needs to assess their responsibility for the party’s steep decline in popularity (In English here).

Meanwhile, VG published my riposte to Michael Booth’s attacks on Norway in the Guardian (Scandinavia’s newest enemy)  as – Forestellingen om Norge. The English version can be found here.

Dagsavisen published Egoismens Nye Tidsalde, why Norway’s election of Blue-Blue signals a long term trend away from social democratic principles towards meanness.  Hja published it in English as Norway’s New Era of Mean.

Klassekampen published mine and Pal Roren’s futile efforts to save civil society from the conservative cuts, “kyte seg selv i foten, hinke videre”  [Shooting themselves in the foot: How Norway’s conservatives want to gut Norwegian Civil Society]. However, Klassekampen do not believe in the internet so  go here to find it in Norwegian and here for the English version.

By:Larm News published my ode to those poor under-appreciated souls we know as Bouncers.: You Name’s not Down You Are Not Going In  (pg 7)

The Foreigner published “Norway’s Oil and Easter Bunnies”, a curious combination of economic history revisionism and a critique of Easter conversation. The longer version, this time without any additional jokes, just a bit more depth, can be found here.

I am also all over nuclear weapons. The International Law & Policy Institute have published four papers of mine. A policy paper called “The Curious Case of Britain’s Nuclear Weapon Retention” and a short “in a nutshell” paper on the same topic. I also co-wrote “An Introduction to Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean”  and  “Iran’s Nuclear Program”

Lastly, in my day job I aggregate and create academic writing resources for UMB’s Writing Wrongs website.


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